whats up my bff Kimber James

share save 171 16 whats up my bff Kimber James Angelina Valentine

I am doing a hot ass shoot today with my bff Kimber james, ha ha taking her virginity,,, it will be up soon
kissesmekim 225x300 whats up my bff Kimber James Angelina Valentine

share save 171 16 whats up my bff Kimber James Angelina Valentine

37 thoughts on “whats up my bff Kimber James

  1. hola Angelina, how do you feel with your new boobs? how long must we wait to see some pic?
    A shooting with Kimber is a big idea … a hot one :-)) thank you for your excelent work, saludos

  2. Hola Angelina, el mensaje anterior tambien es mio. Prefiero escribirte en español sino te importa. Venezuela + Italia …. increiblemente explosiva entonces. Excita entrar en tu pagina y descubrirte … si quieres te dejo el link de mi web (pero solo si NO lo publicas) para que veas a lo que me dedico? … ahhhhhhhhhh pero entonces sabras que mi nombre no es Pedro y que soy un romantico empedernido a la hora de escribir canciones … estoy deesando ver esas fotos con Kimber James. Seguro que son MEGA WOW!!!

  3. (Tito Ortiz) Hey neighbor… Did you see this?

    Not sure you’ll get this or even read it, but wanted to thank you again for the compliment. Would’ve love to hang and chat… maybe someday?

    Hope you had a great rest of the day and maybe we’ll bump into each other again???


  4. So, has Brazzers contacted you bout that lesbian scene request wit Mariah?


  5. hi angelina… i will ask u if u will do a footjob scene again… you have the hottest feet baby…

  6. Angelina,

    I just joined your website. I simply wanted to say that you have beautiful eyes. I really like your look. You are a very beautiful young woman. I wish you the best.

  7. Angelina, Do you dance in clubs in Vegas at times? What clubs and cities do you usually dance in? Thanks!!

  8. Hi Angelina,

    Just to let you know, you are really the most beautiful girl in the world,

    I m a cute french, and i dream about you.

    Please let me know if you come in Paris.


  9. Hey Angelina,

    Do you book your own photoshoots?

    I am relocating to Las Vegas and would love to shoot with you when we are both out there at some point.


  10. hey sexy!!!!!!!!!!love you,when uu gonna be in upstate new york so i can meet you ??im a freak for you and you turn me on so bad.thanxmwah!!!!!

  11. Hi you look so fucking beautiful…I have question for you: Do you like to swallow cum? How does it taste?

    Love ya btw

  12. Hi Angelina:

    Is not update this blog? I would like if you send me a mail :) I want send you a photo, thanks

    I like this website too much!

  13. Angelina,
    It must have been extremely hot for you to get your sex on with Kimber James. To have someone that HOT with a hard cock to play with must have been incredible.

  14. hola Angelina, te impora si te escribo en español?? lo entiendes bien no?? y si puedes responderme en español mejor aun..pero sino no pasa nada jejeje por ti, me pongo a traducir…!!

    tengo una curiosidad nose si ya se ha hablado en tu blog pero puedes hacer un post sobre el tatuaje de la barriga??? “DIOS TE BENDIGA, BENDICION” que significado tiene???

    muchas gracias angelina, un beso!!

  15. Hey Angelina! What happened to your twitter account babe? It was the only way of talking to you….. :( You seem to be set way on myspace….

    Anyway, Mariah Milano told me the news that u and her are booked to do the lesbian scene the 26th for brazzers! YES! I can’t freaking wait…. I’m the one who came up with the idea.. and plot, and some good stuff you both will do to each other :) :) :)… hope the script writers/director at brazzers keeps most of my ideas for the scene babe.

  16. HEy Angelina babe…. what happend to the scene with Mariah u were supposed to do?
    I heard you were having some issues? I hope everything is okay…..

    I’m really hoping the scene can still be done sometime.. and u and Mariah are booked again in the near future..


  17. Hola Angelina

    En Español o Ingles? OK…English. I was just wondering, since you are my favorite pornstar, if you have done an interactive DVD, and if not, are you planning to do one in the near future because that would be awesome!!!???

    Ciao chica.

  18. Direct from Brazil …

    Far From’ve been following you, you are amazing … There is no equal in the world.

    Two Questions.

    1 When will we see your new breasts?
    2 ° E not wait to see your scene Anal. For out to be wonderful. Beautiful ass.

  19. Do you ever visit Oahu? I would be honored just to dine from your toilet. Nothing sexual involved.

    your wannabe slave,

  20. how about you just get some fucking anal on the go, thats what everyone has been waiting for almost a year now

  21. I am going to do an anal scene.. it takes time and I want it to be amazing… I dont wanna ruin it by just doing it whenever.. I want my fans to be the first people to see it, since u guys are the most important… I am going to do it for my site so I promise you guys will be the first ones to see my booty hole get railed!!!

  22. lol… Thats soo funny.. I was laughing so hard when I read that.. lol no Ive never been to oahu.. I have to admit I dont even know where that is at? But I a, alwayz interested in new places.. If I am ever there I will let u dine from my toliet….hahahaha kisses!!!!

  23. i would love to but I am not sure how? I will ask around and see what I can do for u babes.. kisses!!!

  24. thanks babes, thats way sweet of u, I hope that u enjoy , my site… I work hard for yall..xoxoxox kisses!

  25. I am your great fan. The scene with kimber james is really hot. Any scene with kimber again.. I love to see it.

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