Blonde Wig Photo Shoot

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pornstar Angelina Valentine 004 Blonde Wig Photo Shoot Angelina Valentine

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Ok this is a first! One of the Pornstar Platinum producers decided to have one of his video guys also shoot vid while I was being photographed. What you get, as you will see is a behind the scenes look at what goes on during a real photo shoot. This reality at its best and a first as a update. So sit back and enjoy, its a lil raw and all over the place but there is some great video shots so dont worry about that. You will see there is a lot that goes into one of these simple photo shoots!

pornstar Angelina Valentine 002 Blonde Wig Photo Shoot Angelina Valentine

Note from Pornstar Platinum: This is a great BTS shoot of sexy big tit pornstar Angelina Valentine that turns into a hot masturbation scene that you just have to see! Sign up now to see it exclusively for just $1! Get your ass over there!

pornstar Angelina Valentine 001 Blonde Wig Photo Shoot Angelina Valentine

share save 171 16 Blonde Wig Photo Shoot Angelina Valentine

2 thoughts on “Blonde Wig Photo Shoot

  1. Hi,
    I think your the shit! I love your attitude! Seriously if I could be a porn star I would…. Just so maybe I’d meet you! :)
    Im sure you get this all the time but
    I love watching you! I mean your sexy, funny, enjoy what your doing and you do what you want when you want! That’s awesome…
    My boyfriend and I try to find and watch everything we can find on you! I fantizise that he’s got his cock in you… Your twat , ass, mouth, tween those tits, I love imagining what it would be like to
    Watch the two of you together… I would probably cum the second I saw him even look at you! That would be enough for me to just watch… But if it was a 3some that would be awesome also! We could do everything to him possible!
    Oh and Id like to do things with you
    So he could watch!!! Like 69, double ended dildo, see how close we could get our pussies, both suck his cock, rub our tits together, definitely rub our pussies, rub our breasts in each others pussies, I mean everything we could think of to get ourselves and him off!!! :)
    I wanna see him and help him fuck
    And give you pleasure in every way sexually possible! I wanna see him even just jerk off on your tits, ass, pussy, face!
    I wanna see you make him shake with pleasure and moan and say dirty things to you and you say things back!!!! I want to see him go wild on you!
    I don’t know if this sounds dumb to you but for some reason it drives me crazy thinking how turned he gets just seeing a pic Or a movie of you… I can’t even imagine what I’d do if any of this ever happened! It would def be the best time I’ve ever
    Ever had! Wow!
    Just to meet you would b awesome!
    Do you have like photos with your name you send out to your fans?
    Well if you do can you make one out to Ryan & Jenn and send it to
    Ryan EnRight
    734 sterling street
    Lancaster MA 01523
    Please… :)
    It would be they most awesome thing that’s ever happened to us and right about now would be the perfect time…. Well I want to thank u for just being you and making our love life better it means so much to me…. Thanks xoxxxooxx

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